Roseanna Cunningham MSP

Minister for Community Safety and Legal Affairs

Keith is an excellent Minister and a good colleague. He is absolutely dependable and his achievements in Government show that he can succeed in difficult circumstances. With the incredible expansion in SNP membership we need a Depute Leader with exceptional organisational skills and the one man who fits that bill perfectly is Keith.

I've been impressed with the thinking that's gone into Keith's plans for the party; I like the way he's talking about engaging all of the members,
new and old, and working out how to develop policy in a party that counts more than 1.5% of the population as members now. We've got to think differently, we've got to be bold and adventurous to find ways to drive forward Scotland's interests, we've got to channel the imagination and drive of all 80,000 members of the SNP to do that.

Keith Brown is the person we need as Depute Leader and he has my support.