Margaret Burgess MSP

Minister for Housing and Welfare

I took over the Housing brief from Keith and it was the foundation that he laid that meant I was able to complete the most ambitious council house building programme in a generation. Attention to detail and belief in what we're doing is essential to make a real difference to the lives of Scots and improve the country and that's exactly what we get with Keith.

Tapping into the energy and enthusiasm that made the referendum campaign so exciting and invigorating will be the challenge that faces our new Depute Leader. It will need someone who is available to the party and who is near at hand to consult with Nicola Sturgeon. I think our Depute will have to be in the Scottish Parliament to do the job properly.

I've got absolute faith in Keith Brown to do the job and get it done properly; he's exactly what we need. I'll be voting for Keith and I encourage all the other party members to do the same."