Kirsty Boyle

Hawick & District

Keith has proven himself more than capable in his Ministerial capacity during difficult situations, particularly the calm and efficient way he has dealt with winter resilience issues. His record on veterans issues speaks for itself and his time as leader of a local authority is an obvious attribute. However, I believe Keith's strengths go further than his political standing and it is "Keith the ordinary person" who will benefit the SNP as Depute Leader. With an approachable personality and a calm and measured demeanour, without being afraid to stand up for what is right, Keith is the ideal candidate to assist Nicola in moving the party into its next phase.

Keith's ambitions for introducing regional policy forums for the party will be a huge step forward in including members from around the country - something rural areas in particular will benefit from enormously. It is that understanding of what members, especially new members, want and need that makes Keith ideal to become the next Depute Leader of the SNP.