Conor Mckay

Inverurie SNP

We in the SNP are in a very fortunate position having three excellent candidates running for the position of Depute Leader.

I have, however, backed Keith Brown for several reasons:

Firstly, I have always been impressed with the width and depth of his knowledge and understanding on the issues affecting people.

Second, Keith is best placed to complement our new party leader as he has already demonstrated the ability to have a close and effective working relationship with Nicola Sturgeon in his current Ministerial role.

Keith is fully aware of the importance of all levels of political involvement ranging from the European Parliament level to activism in our communities. I should add that I am definitely a fan of Keith’s idea which involves introducing a central resource at HQ for our Councillors to enable them to have greater political support to further enhance the excellent representation and services they provide to all of our communities.

As someone who has been an active party member for several years now, I know just how important it is for members to have the opportunity to give their input on decisions of policy. Whilst the party has always been open, Keith’s vision for changes to the party structure including regional policy forums combined with his excellent organisational skills will ensure that the party is even more accessible and engaging than ever to our 80,000+ members.

Finally, I believe Keith possesses the necessary skills, experience and attributes that make an excellent leader which is why I have now placed a #1 next to his name on my vote and urge my fellow party members to consider doing the same.