Cllr David McDonald

Councillor for Greater Pollok

I'll be voting for Keith Brown as the SNP's new deputy leader to make sure we have a strong and talented leadership team to take the party forward over the next 3 years with 3 big elections looming. He has a proven track record as a Government minister and has taken big decisions and made big improvements in the areas he has been responsible for.

His knowledge about, support for and background in local government are also important to me as an SNP Councillor and I feel confident that his plans to support SNP Councillors/Council Groups will help us make big gains in local government in the future.

Keith has also impressed me in the way he has reached out the many new members of the party who have joined after the referendum. I know he will be a strong and passionate voice for the party membership and the wider yes movement as our new deputy leader and deputy first minister.