Alasdair Allan MSP

Minister for Learning, Science and Scotland's Languages

I took a look at the three candidates for Depute Leader of the SNP and thought it's a pretty impressive party that can produce three such talented candidates. Thinking about the job that will face the Depute Leader, though, it seemed clear to me that we needed someone with a certainty of touch, incredible organisational skills, huge stamina and a sense of humour to see them through.

We need someone with a good working relationship with Nicola Sturgeon and Keith's shown he has that in the years he's been a Minister in her government team. She will need someone who can take on some of the workload while she runs her Government and the party. This party is now a mass movement and it's going to need someone with some special reserves of energy to get around the country and engage the whole membership.

It's clear to me that Keith Brown has all of those qualities and he has proven his mettle in some serious government departments taking some serious decisions that affect people the length and breadth of the country from creating apprenticeships and building council houses to sorting out the winter response of Transport Scotland and delivering a massive capital investment programme. He's even bringing in the new Forth Bridge, the Queensferry Crossing, under budget and ahead of schedule.

I think Keith's the man we need in that Depute Leader role.