Business backing for Brown in Depute Leadership race

Keith Brown's bid to become Depute Leader of the SNP received a boost in the last week of polling with endorsements from the world of business. Kat Heathcote, Director/owner of Witherby Publishing Group in Livingston, the oldest independent publishing house in the English-speaking world and Ian Blackford of First Seer have backed the Transport Minister's campaign.

Kat Heathcote said:
"My business provides specialised publishing services to the shipping industry and I've been impressed with the way in which Keith Brown has got to grips with his brief. He's willing to listen and learn and is the first Scottish Transport Minister to start to really get to grips with shipping and what it needs.

"That open and honest approach is what will really make a difference to politics and it's an approach that will pay dividends for business. It will be good for the SNP to have a Depute Leader who understands what business needs and can reach out to all parts of Scotland as well."

Ian Blackford said:
"I've known Keith for many years and trust his judgement and political instincts completely. He's never wavered in his support for Scotland's independence and has a clear view of a more just Scotland. He's been part of the Government that's served Scotland well recently and he's got a vision of Scotland that I can agree with and I've got no hesitation in giving him my support.

Keith Brown said:
"I've been humbled by the public support of party members, councillors, MSPs and Ministers and I'm delighted to have the support of businesses that are helping to drive Scotland's economy forward.

"I'm looking forward to the result and to getting on with the job; the SNP has a big job to do improving Scotland and making sure that the Smith Commission delivers on the promises that were made by the unionist parties. There's a long way to go."