Brown Raises Trident Safety Concerns

Safety concerns about the transport of Trident warheads through Scotland have been raised by Keith Brown following revelations that the vehicles used to transport them are antiquated and should have been withdrawn from service five years ago.

Mr Brown, a candidate for Depute Leader of the SNP, said:
"It's no secret that I'm opposed to the presence of nuclear weapons in Scotland and that I'd like to see them permanently removed but while they are there we should be doing all we can to make sure that safety is paramount.

"The revelations by the Nukewatch network that old vehicles are being used to transport warheads between Coulport and the maintenance facilities in England adds to existing worries.

"I already have concerns about these weapons being transported on our public roads at all and serious reservations about them travelling through our towns and cities. I look at the potential for damage to the road network, especially from the weight of the trucks on some of our smaller roads, as well; Scotland is carrying the risks and the costs of having these things lurking in our country and that has to stop.

"Finding out that the trucks the UK Government is using to transport its weapons of mass destruction through our communities are outdated has the smell of politicians who care little being prepared to do things on the cheap without thinking about the consequences.

"I'll be raising this with the UK Government and demanding some answers; we need to know, at the very least, that all practical steps are being to protect public safety while Scotland is burdened with hositiung these weapons."