Asian leaders back Keith Brown in SNP Depute Leader contest

Keith Brown has welcomed the support of two high profile figures in the Scots-Asian community for his bid to become Depute Leader of the SNP. Abdul Majeed, Convenor of Scots Asians for Independence, and Anum Qaiser, former General Secretary of Muslim Friends of Labour who has recently joined the SNP, both gave their backing to Mr Brown.

Abdul Majeed said:

"Keith Brown will make a first class Depute Leader for the SNP. Having spoken to him, I have been impressed with his plans to take the party forward, particularly with the huge surge of new members.

"The Scots-Asian community is a vital cog in the Yes machine. Keith has given a solid commitment to ensure all diverse communities are not only welcomed wholeheartedly into the SNP but play an active part in the movement towards an independent Scotland. For that and many other reasons I know he is exactly the type of Depute this party needs."

Anum Qaiser said:

"I am delighted to support Keith Brown for Depute Leader. I am one of the 55,000 new members who has recently joined the SNP to campaign for a better Scotland. The Scottish National Party are the envy of other political parties across Scotland because of the talent amongst their ranks and Keith is top of that pile.

"I have always admired Keith Brown's strong performances in the media and assured handling of his transport brief within the Scottish Government. As a young Asian female interested in politics it is great to see someone talking about engaging proactively with those who are often left out of the political discourse. He has demonstrated a willingness and has the ability to reach out to the many diverse communities of Scotland and help our soaring membership to increase even further."

Keith Brown said;

"I'm delighted to have the support of two such respected political figures. It's fantastic to have the support of the Scots-Asian community, a community which contributes so much to our nation.

"Scotland is a country in the middle of change and we have to be moving forward as one country, all of the many diverse communities of Scotland agreeing on where to go next. As Depute Leader of the SNP it will be my job to reach out and make sure that we're engaging with all of them.

"Mr Majeed played a strong role in the referendum campaign and his advice and assistance in the years to come will be invaluable; I look forward to working with him on taking Scotland forward. It's heartening, too, to see strong young women like Anum Qaiser joining the SNP; she became a real star player during the referendum and we'll be hearing a lot more from her in the future.

"Scotland is on a journey and we'll have to choose the route together."